Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Registration/Payment Information

When should I register my girl?
We recommend registering your girl ASAP after registration opens each season. Most of our sites register on a first come, first served basis and the limit is 15 girls per team.

What does the fee include?
The $150 fee includes 20 lessons with materials, program t-shirt, 5k entry (all pre-5k activities + medal), coach training and CPR certification for volunteers, insurance, etc. For a full list of what the program fee covers, click here.

Do you offer financial assistance?
Yes! Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we are able to award scholarships on a first come, first served basis. Scholarship applications open two days prior to registration opening and must be completed FIRST. Click here to apply for financial assistance.

How can I pay?
Our online registration system accepts all major credit/debit cards and e-checks. If you would prefer to pay by cash or physical check, please call our office at 217-726-9808 to arrange payment.

The registration fee is a lot at once for our family. Do you offer payment plans?
We do! You can select a two- or three- installment payment plan during the registration process. The first installment is due on the date of registration. During the Fall 2019 season the 2nd payment is due September 20th and the 3rd is due October 20th. The system will automatically charge the payment type selected during registration.

My girl received a scholarship. Can I still do a payment plan?
Absolutely! Two-installment plans are split 50/50 and three-installment plans are split in thirds regardless of amount.

My registration receipt says “WAITLISTED”. What does that mean?
Our teams are limited to 15 girls in order for participants to get the most out of the lessons and to build strong bonds with their teammates. Any registration over the initial 15 will be marked as “WAITLISTED”. In the unlikely event that a registered girl drops from the team, we will take the next waitlisted girl.

Will you open more spots?
Each team of 15 girls requires two trained, volunteer coaches as well as enough space at the site to host individual teams with individual space. Most of the time adding an additional team is not possible given the amount of time between registration opening and the season starting. Each season, we also offer community teams that any girl can join. Click here for a list of times.

Lottery Registration

How do I enter my girl into the lottery?
Registration for the Fall 2019 lottery for Muffley Elementary will occur between August 14th at 9am and August 26th at 11:59pm. Placement day will occur on Wednesday, August 28th.

Why does my school choose to do lottery registration and other schools choose to do first-come-first serve?
Schools where there is a high demand for Girls on the Run may choose to conduct a lottery instead to ensure all girls have a chance to be a part of the team. These teams often fill up within a day (if not a few hours). Lottery gives families a chance to register their girl at their own convenience.

How are girls selected?
Our database, Raceplanner, has a lottery feature that selects registrations at random. Neither Girls on the Run staff nor coaches has any influence over who is chosen.

If my girl receives financial assistance or has a payment plan, does that hurt her chances of being selected?
Absolutely not. Each registration is treated equally within the lottery regardless of amount paid or if a payment plan was chosen.

I have registered multiple children. Is it possible only one child will be selected?
At this time, we cannot guarantee that all siblings will be placed on the team if one child is placed during the lottery.

When is my credit card/bank account charged the registration fee?
Your credit card/bank account will not be charged until your girl is officially on the team during placement day. If your girl is not selected in the lottery, your method of payment will not be charged.

How do I increase my chances of my girl being selected?
There are no ways to increase the chances of your girl being selected for the lottery. If your girl is not chosen, we encourage her to consider joining our community team at the YMCA of Springfield.

Lesson Information

What is the purpose of Girls on the Run?
Girls on the Run is NOT a running club. Our mission is to teach valuable life skills to girls through physical activity (i.e. running). Click here to see what your girl learns in Girls on the Run.

What is the difference between Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole?
While both programs are under the Girls on the Run umbrella, they are quite different from one another and designed specifically with their age group in mind. Girls on the Run (the original) is for girls in 3rd – 5th grade. Girls will begin to learn life skills such as positive self-talk, managing emotions, making and keeping friends, empathy, and gratitude. Lessons are strongly led by the coaching team in order to give structure to the lessons.

Heart & Sole is designed for the often tough middle school age (6th – 8th). Girls will dig deep into managing emotions, exploring their “Girl Wheel”, setting boundaries, pressing pause, and relationships (both friendships and romantic). While still semi-structured, the program empowers the girls to lead discussions and make the program their own.

My girl has already done the program. Isn’t it the same every time?
Not at all! While the most basic learning goals are the same, we have three different Girls on the Run curricula and two different Heart & Sole curriculum to ensure girls can come back season after season.

My girl HATES running. Should she still participate?
Absolutely! Yes, we run. But we also play fun games, act silly and hang out with our teammates. We don’t care how fast or far you run as long as you are putting one foot in front of the other and pushing yourself a little harder each time.

Where are lessons held?
Lesson locations varies by location, however, most teams start out indoors (typically a classroom or gym) and then move outside. Your girl’s coach will let you know the exact meeting space before the 1st lesson.

What should my girl bring to each lesson?
Girls should bring comfy “workout” clothes (preferably layers), running shoes, a water bottle, and a light snack. We don’t recommend sugary drinks or snacks prior to or during the lesson as they can effect ability to participate fully.

If you need assistance in purchasing proper workout attire and/or running shoes, please contact Kelsea at Girls on the Run (217-726-9808 or or contact your girl’s coach.

It’s raining/snowing/cold/etc. outside. Does my girl still show up to Girls on the Run?
YES! Girls on the Run meets rain or shine unless school is canceled or weather is deemed too hazardous to drive. Always assume the team will meet until you hear otherwise from the coaching team.

Where do the girls go between the end of school and the beginning of the lesson?
Often times, there will be a 15 minute gap between the end of school and the beginning of Girls on the Run. This break is for girls to change their clothes, use the restroom, fill up their water bottle, and eat a snack. This break is supervised by a member of the coaching team or other school personnel.

End of Season Activities

What is the Community Impact Project?
Each Girls on the Run team designs and implements a Community Impact Project at the end of each season. The girls learn collaboration, compromising, and gratitude skills throughout this process. Families may be asked to donate small items (markers, paper, old clothes, canned food) in order for girls to complete the project.

Do I need to register my girl for the 5k?
Nope! She is automatically registered for the Community 5k during program registration. We do encourage family members and friends to join in the fun by registering for the 5k themselves!

My girl is SUPER fast and I want her to WIN at the Community 5k!
Girls on the Run teaches girls about personal motivators and striving to be their best-selves as opposed to competing with others. Running at the 5k is a great way for girls to learn goal setting and challenging themselves to be better than they were before. At the 5k, each girl receives a #1 bib and a finisher medal, regardless of how fast they complete the race. We hope your girl beats whatever goal she sets for herself while being able to support and cheer on her teammates and other GOTR girls.

I KNOW my girl isn’t going to finish the 5k…
YES SHE WILL! We promise she will! With the support of her teammates, coaches, and YOU, she will cross the finish line beaming from ear to ear. We also ensure no girl finishes “last” therefore we have several community runners at the end of the 5k to keep the energy up!

Does my girl get to celebrate with her teammates at the end of the season?
We are all about a fun celebration at Girls on the Run! Each coaching team will plan a fun End of Season Celebration for their team to celebrate their 10 weeks of amazing growth and accomplishments.

Coach/Practice Partner Information

Who is coaching my girl?
Most of the time, our coaches are staff members at the school where they are coaching. Other times, our coaches are family members or community members who are excited to teach 3rd – 8th grade girls valuable life skills that they will carry with them through adulthood. For more information about coaching, click here.

Are your volunteer background checked?
Absolutely! All Girls on the Run volunteers must be independently background checked through our system (True Hire) every two years.

What training do Coaches receive?
New Coaches must attend a 4.5 hour in-person training as well as be CPR certified prior to the start of the season. Each team of 15 girls must have two trained coaches at each lesson.