Fall 2019 Registration

Registration for the Fall season will open August 14th at 9:00am and the season will begin the week of September 2nd.
The Fall Community 5k is scheduled for November 9, 2019 at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL.

Online registration is preferred (below). If you need computer access, talk to your school or stop by the GOTR office at 907 Clocktower Drive in Springfield. To register by phone, call the office at 217-726-9808.

Click here for a list of Fall 2019 locations!

Click here for information regarding our program fees, payment plans, and financial assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

**Payment Plans are now available in two- or three- installments!**

STEP 1: If needed, apply for financial assistance
(Opens August 12th!)

If not needed, proceed to Step 2.

Scholarships are available for registrants who can demonstrate eligibility based on financial need. You must complete the Scholarship Application BEFORE completing the Registration Form and we will get back to you via email within 24 hours on the status of your application. You must wait until you receive an email stating your scholarship status/code before completing the Registration Form.

Please note: Submitting a scholarship application DOES NOT ensure a spot on the team and it does not affect your chances in a lottery-based registration process.


STEP 2: Register your girl!
(Opens August 14th at 9am!)

Enrollment in GOTR is limited to 15 girls per team! Most of our teams chose to conduct first come, first serve enrollment therefore it is important to register your girl early.


Lottery, Payment Information, Policies, and Wavier

Lottery-Based Registration

When there is a high demand for registration, some of our teams will choose to conduct registration as a lottery in order to ensure the most fair registration process. This season (Fall 2019), Muffley Elementary has chosen the lottery system to register for the 15 available team spots. All girls who register between August 14th at 9:00am and August 26th at 11:59pm will be entered into a lottery system. Once you have completed the online registration, you will receive a confirmation email stating your girl has been placed in the lottery. This email does not guarantee a spot on the team.

Placement day will occur on Wednesday, August 28th at which time you will be notified via email if your girl has been placed on the team. Your credit/debit card will only be charged if your girl is placed on the team.

For more information about the lottery and the lottery process, click here.

Payment Methods

Preferred method of payment is credit/debit card or e-check during online registration process. We take all major credit/debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).

If you wish to pay by cash, please call our office at 217-726-9808 for special instructions. Any payment made by cash must be received within 3 days or the registration will be canceled.

Payment Plans

Girls on the Run is now able to offer 2- or 3-installment payment plans on all registrations, including those with a scholarship. Payment plan arrangements can be made through the online registration system with a credit/debit card or e-check. The first installment of the payment plan is the date of registration. The 2nd payment date is September 20th and the 3rd payment date is October 20th. Registration fee must be PAID IN FULL in order to participate in the Community 5k in November 2019.


Girls on the Run of Central Illinois will refund the registration fee (minus $10 online service charge) if requested prior to the 2nd lesson of a Girls on the Run program. No refunds will be issued for any terminations after the 2nd lesson. In the event that an unforeseen illness or health issue arises after the 2nd lesson, such instances will be handled on a case by case basis. If a site is canceled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by Girls on the Run of Central Illinois, the full registration fee will be refunded.

Attendance Policy

It is very important for your girl to attend both sessions each week because the lessons build up from one to the next and because group relationships build over time. Girls are not allowed to sign up for one session per week. If you know your girl can’t make it to both sessions each week, please do not sign up – leave room for a girl who can. A girl who is absent more than 4 times may be removed from the program for the rest of the season and will be ineligible for future scholarships.

Respectful Behavior Policy

Girls are expected to behave in a way that permits the coaches to carry out the day’s scheduled activities. Girls who are continually disruptive in a way that prevents the rest of the group from experiencing the benefits of the program may be asked to leave for the rest of the season. A child who engages in behavior that threatens the health or welfare of other participants or coaches will be released from the program for the remainder of the season. Threatening behavior may include but is not limited to: actual or threatened physical injury, emotional mistreatment, using any item in a dangerous way, or any other activity determined by a coach or administrator to be threatening of another person’s health or well-being.

Girls on the Run, its coaches, and administrators reserve the right to remove from participation any child who for any reason does not fit the mission and goals of the organization.


To ensure the safety of all our girls and volunteers, we require parents/guardians to sign a wavier when registering their girl.

Click here to view the Girls on the Run Program Wavier.

Questions? Please call our office at 217-726-9808 or send your inquiry to