* New Sites Spotlight *

Central Elementary in Lincoln

Ren Answeiler, head coach and site liaison at Central Elementary in Lincoln, says she first heard about the program when she was teaching at Riverton. “Several of my students participated in the program there and loved it. I also saw how it benefited the girls. When I came to Central, I learned that other schools in our district had teams, so I really wanted to start one for our school.”

Coach Anweiler says she was attracted to the program because she saw how it benefited the girls. “It teaches them important skills and gives them confidence. I feel that it is also important to build healthy habits at a young age.”

Linda Mourning, a Central Elementary parent, says, “I don’t know who was more thrilled, me or my daughter, when we found out that Girls on the Run was coming to our school! We’ve heard such great things about the program and couldn’t wait to be a part of it! The opportunity for our girls to grow and develop life skills, health and fitness is very encouraging and empowering in this day and age. It’s important for our girls to know how great it is to be a girl!”

According to Coach Anweiler, Central Elementary is a part of Lincoln District #27. The school serves approximately 200 students in grades K-5, and their elementary mascot is the Stars. “We are so excited for our first reason of Girls on the Run. The girls are already gaining confidence through the lessons and the running workouts.”

Christian County YMCA & Memorial Elementary in Taylorville

We are so excited to be partnering with the Christian County YMCA and Memorial Elementary in Taylorville this spring to offer our program to the elementary school girls in their community for the very first time! Amy Hagen, head coach and site liaison at the CCYMCA said she has been aware of the GOTR 5k event for a few years now through a variety of different connections. She also had the opportunity to hear GOTR Founder and Vision Keeper, Molly Barker, at Illinois College in Jacksonville back in 2012. “From the moment I became truly knowledgeable about GOTR of Central Illinois, I wanted to bring the program home to the third and fourth grade girl population in my town, Taylorville.”

Amy said she decided to take her interest to the next level by serving as a practice partner at Butler Elementary in Springfield in the fall of 2014. “I particularly like the fact that the program curriculum is ten weeks, it has a beginning and end, which is important for volunteer recruitment. I like the idea of working with young girls to accomplish the goals set for themselves, helping girls gain a better sense of self and in the process girls inspiring and supporting other girls.”

Emily Repscher, a parent in the community says, “Thanks for helping with this program. My daughter is SUPER excited and I’m just as excited for her. Besides, this is my motivation to be ready to run a 5k myself by May.”

According to Amy, “Taylorville will have two teams for the Spring 2015 season. One is a community based program at the CCYMCA and the other to be held at Memorial Elementary and St. Mary’s Schools. This will be the first time the GOTR program has been offered in Taylorville to girls of this age…we are pleased that some 25 girls will take part. The best thing to date has been the volunteer response that we received at both sites. Within the first two weeks of volunteer recruitment, we had no less than 15 volunteers wanting to serve as coaches and practice partners.”