Celebrity Bartender in Peoria raised $2,324 for GOTR scholarships!

We had our first Celebrity Bartender event in Peoria on June 7th at Bearded Owl Brewing. Each hour, two gyms competed against each other to see who would come out the winner. Of the six gyms that competed, Tony Schoedel from CrossFit Peoria was victorious and the overall winner with $883 in tips! Thanks to our wonderful bartenders and their supporters for donating $2,324 which is enough to fund an entire GOTR team!

We would also like to present an Energy Award to Arron McCall at CrossFit North Peoria. Arron received the second highest amount with $838 in tips. However, he was so close to reaching $1,000 that CrossFit North Peoria donated another $162 to GOTR! Arron also challenged himself and his gym to complete one burpee for every dollar he received in tips

Pictures from the event can be seen on our Facebook page.
Wondering who our bartenders were?
Bartender Line Up
6:00 p.m.: Camille Coates at Be You Fitness vs. Tina Chavez with The Riverplex
7:00 p.m.: Zach Phillips from No Limit Fitness Studio vs. Bryndy Sheets from Crossfit East Peoria
8:00 p.m.: Arron McCall from Crossfit North Peoria vs. Tony Schoedel from Crossfit Peoria