Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Leah Hardy : Chair

Leah Hardy


Business Analyst, Levi Ray & Shoup, Inc.
Home Town: Springfield, Illinois
First Year on Board: 2014
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Chair of Breaking Out of the Box Committee, Site Liaison, Coach and Practice Partner.
What Attracted You to GOTR: My own daughter is what initially attracted me to Girls on the Run, and I thought I would leave the program when she did - but that was many years ago! She is becoming a strong, confident teenager and I enjoy giving other young girls in our community the tools they need to make smart choices and live a healthy lifestyle through Girls on the Run.
Hobbies: Attending my children's performances and sporting events and volunteering at their school; traveling, running, and CrossFit

Jill Barth : Vice Chair

Jill Barth

Vice Chair

HR & Marketing Communications Consultant, Writer, & Yoga Instructor (200 RYT)
Home Town: Rushville, Illinois
First Year on Board: 2014
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Program supporter
What Attracted You to GOTR: The organization gives inspired energy to the girls, a place for body and mind to grow. There's excitement and encouragement in every GOTR engagement.
Hobbies: Family time, travel, good books, wine, and gardening

Nora MacZura : Secretary

Nora MacZura


Physician, Gynecological Oncology, Springfield Clinic, LLP

Home Town: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
First Year on Board: 2016
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Attended fundraisers, personal financial contributions
What Attracted You to GOTR: I think it is a wonderful needed program that helps inspire young women and provide them with the confidence, skills, and determination to succeed in life. I am a strong believer in not only exercising the mind, but also the body. A healthy lifestyle is crucial for physical and mental strength and is part of creating a positive environment for ourselves. I am so excited to be able to participate in this program in a more meaningful way and help young girls make better choices in life.
Hobbies: running, water skiing/wake surfing, reading, salsa dancing

Lisa Stinson : Treasurer

Lisa Stinson


Senior Manager, Crowe LLP

Home Town: I grew up all over the United States, but I've called Springfield my home for the last 6 years
First Year on Board: 2015
Previous Involvement with GOTR: None
What Attracted You to GOTR: Girls on the Run does so many great things for young girls in our community. As a young girl, running and other sports were what helped me to get through the awkward stages of my youth. I moved around a lot and it was running and sports that helped me to gain friendships at new places and learn the skills such as perseverance, confidence, goal-setting and leadership that have helped me throughout my life. Girls on the Run integrates the great aspects of running along with these and other important skills to help young girls during a crucial period of their lives. I am so excited to be a part of this organization.
Hobbies: Running, soccer, reading, and family time

Kim Brogdon : Board Member

Kim Brogdon

Board Member

Coordinator, Community Support- American Cancer Society
Home Town:  Nederland, TX
First Year on Board:  2018
Previous Involvement with GOTR:  Coached GOTR in 2014 at Our Saviour School.
What Attracted You to GOTR:  During a routine doctor appointment my physician said to me that I should coach GOTR. I just laughed because this girl didn’t run. He continued to state that I didn’t have to run, but I would be a great role model for the young ladies and that the program was more focused on teaching positive and helping girls to learn to plug into their positive versus always negative.
Hobbies:  My hobbies mostly involving spending time with my grandchildren any chance I get. We craft, play games, go to movies, park, zoo, sleepovers, swim, road trips and they help me with different volunteer opportunities when age appropriate.

Paige Dodson : Board Member

Paige Dodson

Board Member

Sr. Engineer, Farnsworth Group Inc.

Home Town: Peoria, IL
First Year on Board: 2017
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Fundraised for Peoria & Tazewell teams
What Attracted You to GOTR: I have a passion for empowering young women and helping them to understand that their potential is limitless.  I was immediately drawn to GOTR when I read through the curriculum the first time.  It is amazing the way that GOTR rolls the life lessons and exercise into one program to teach these girls how to love themselves and their community.  They are lessons that I think everybody young and old could use more of!
Hobbies: Crossfit, running, St. Louis Cardinals, Fighting Illini, beach vacations, having fun with my husband and great dane, Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, Society of Women Engineers member (Outreach Committee and Communications Committee)

Albert O. Eck III : Board Member

Albert O. Eck III

Board Member

Director of Vendor Services, H.D. Smith

Home Town: Springfield, IL
First Year on Board: 2017
What Attracted You to GOTR: As the father of two young children, I wanted to support an organization focused on the health and development of young girls. GOTR has an excellent reputation for encouraging girls to grow confidence and learn healthy habits in the process. Similar to working with Boy Scouts and my son, I wanted to show my daughter that I support her in her endeavors. Through my commitment to GOTR I also hope to teach my children about the value of being involved in the community and that gender lines are not boundaries defining who we are or what we do.
Hobbies: Woodworking, camping, completing DIY projects, and coffee drinking

Jody Lack : Board Member

Jody Lack

Board Member

Pediatric Physician, SIU-SOM

Home Town:  Charleston, IL
First Year on Board:  2018
What Attracted You to GOTR:  The organization’s commitment to the encouragement and empowerment of young women initially drew me.  My parents taught me that “the sky’s the limit” and to never let things like race or gender influence decisions in life.  Hopefully, I can pass this knowledge on to my children and the young women I meet through GOTR.
Hobbies:  Traveling with family, gardening, homemade jams/jellies

Lauren Lurkins : Board Member

Lauren Lurkins

Board Member

Director of Natural and Environmental Resources, Illinois Farm Bureau

Home Town:  Marion, Illinois (moved to Springfield in 2006)
First Year on Board: 2010 – 2013, 2018
Previous Involvement with GOTR:  I started as a coach at Sandburg Elementary, and was honored when approached to be on the first Board of Directors of GOTRCI!
What Attracted you to GOTR: I first became attracted to GOTR because the reason behind the creation of the program really resonated with me.  I remember reading about Molly Barker’s experience as a young girl – being very confident and then starting to be put in the girl box – and really having a flash back to those same feelings.  I believe in giving young girls the skills and confidence to navigate through that time.  I also love the idea of setting goals and working hard over a long period of time to reach those goals.  Now as a mother to both a son and daughter, the program is even more relevant in my life.
Hobbies: Running, barre, reading, hanging out with my husband and two kids (Caroline and Julian)

Tiffani Saunders : Board Member

Tiffani Saunders

Board Member

Instructor, Sociology/Anthropology, University of Illinois Springfield

Home Town:  Silver Spring, Maryland
First Year on Board:  2018
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Practice Partner in Spring of 2017 and presently a Substitute Coach
What Attracted you to GOTR: I have one child, a son, but I’m the oldest of three girls. I missed the opportunity to interact with young girls on a regular basis so I looked for them in the surrounding community. I stumbled upon Girls on the Run and loved the message!
Hobbies: Anything artistic, playing violin, and volunteering in the community.

Jennifer Stice : Past Chair

Jennifer Stice

Past Chair

Assistant Vice President, Senior Trust Officer, Town and Country Bank
Home Town: Ashland, Illinois
First Year on Board: 2013
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Coach, spring 2013 season
What Attracted You to GOTR: I am passionate about leadership for young women and promoting good health and wellness.
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, working out, photography and various Pinterest projects


Deb Shultz : Founder of Girls on the Run of Central Illinois

Deb Shultz

Founder of Girls on the Run of Central Illinois

Retired, IBM Sales and Sales Management
Home Town: Fairbury, Illinois (moved to Springfield in 1992)
First Year on Board: 2010
Previous Involvement with GOTR: Founder of central Illinois Program in 2004 and the 2011 Athena Award winner
What Attracted You to GOTR: Initially I was attracted to the program because of the opportunity to share important life skills (friendship, health, service) with young girls in a very fun, non-competitive environment. What I’ve learned is that girls of all ages (adult volunteers like me) benefit from the GOTR messages and enjoy the program. GOTR participants and volunteers are amazing!
Hobbies: Family time, tennis, pilates, running, golf