5k Volunteer

Become a 5k Volunteer

Power Up 5k presented by Memorial Medical Center
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Lincoln Land Community College
8:30 am: Family-Friendly Activities Start

10:00 am: 5k starts

We’re excited you’re here! Thank you for your willingness to help and we promise you’ll have fun too! Listed below are the variety of jobs you can volunteer for and a short description of what you’ll be doing. When you’re ready, click the button to register.

Packet Pick-Up – 5/17 from 4-6pm, GOTR Office (FULL)

Come hang out with us in the office for a couple hours while we give out race bags to 5k participants.

Early Set-Up – 5/18 from 7-8:30am, LLCC

If you’re a sunrise kind of person join us early for race set-up. You could be moving cones, hanging signs, setting up tables, and more!

Volunteer Check-In – 5/18 from 7-10am, LLCC (FULL)

Help us get the rest of our volunteers checked in and sent where they need to go!

Day-Of Registration – 5/18 from 7:30-9:30am, LLCC (FULL)

Many of our community 5k participants register the day of the race. You’ll be the one helping them get signed up and giving them a race bag.

Packet Pick-Up – 5/18 from 8-10am, LLCC

Hand out race bags to individuals who have pre-registered… and help them get excited to run!

First Aid – 5/18 from 8am-12pm, LLCC (FULL)

Safety is our number one priority, but sometimes we still get a few scraped knees and twisted ankles. Hand out bandaids and ice and help our girls feel cared for! Medical or first aid experience preferred, but not required.

Face Painting – 5/18 from 8:15-10:15am, LLCC

We know we have a lot of creative supporters out there! Put your art skills to use and make these girls’ faces sparkle and shine!

Happy Hair – 5/18 from 8:15-10:15am, LLCC

Our girls LOVE this station. Make our race a little bit more vibrant by decking out runners in colorful hair spray.

Spirit Station – 5/18 from 8:15-11am, LLCC (FULL)

From cowbells to beads, you will assist in selling all the accessories for our spectators and cheer teams.

Finish Line Refreshments – 5/18 from 8:30-12pm, LLCC

When our girls finish the 5k they are tired, thirsty, hungry, but HAPPY. Keep those smiles on their faces by helping us hand out water and snacks after they cross the finish line.

Course Marshal – 5/18 from 9-12pm, LLCC

Your job is two parts! Make sure the participants know which way to run AND cheer them on to the finish line!

Finish Line Medals – 5/18 from 9:30-12pm, LLCC (FULL)

You get a front row seat to seeing these girls achieve their dreams! Help us hand out medals at the finish line.

Race Sweeper – 5/18 from 9:30-12pm, LLCC

We never want any of our girls to finish last or alone. That’s where you come in! As a race sweeper you will run/walk alongside our girls, give them the positivity and encouragement they need, and cross the finish line last.

Water Stop – 5/18 from 9:30-12pm, LLCC

Hand out cups of water halfway through the race course!

Sag Car Driver – 5/18 from 9:30-12pm, LLCC (FULL)

Help man the sag (supplies and gear) car that marks the end of the runners and is available if anyone needs help.

Event Tear Down – 5/18 from 11-1pm, LLCC

When the race is all over, we need a few volunteers to help us clean everything up! We’re usually out of there by 1, so it’s really not bad at all!

Photographer – 5/18 from 8:30-12pm, LLCC

Are you a photographer? We would love to have you capture all the fun, crazy, and victorious moments of the day!